About US Energy

Us Energy is a social impact non-profit focused on sustainable system design coordination. Us Energy has developed the Carbon Series Trilogy of events as educational platforms to identify, promote, and scale sustainable solutions. We do that through our SEEDS Principle; Sustainability, Energy, Education, Diversity, and Safety – ‘Planting SEEDS, Growing Community’.

Join Us at the first annual Carbon Summit at the College of Idaho on June 16th-17th, 2021.








Visit www.CarbonSummit.org for more information. The Carbon Summit is a Us Energy prototype around how leveraging events can have a tremendous influence on social impact.

Join Us as we prepare for the 2022 Carbon Series Trilogy Tour. With expanded events in Albuquerque, New Mexico (3/22) and The Hague, Netherlands (10/22).

Us Energy is located downtown Boise at Trailhead.